That White Girl

The names Robbie Yeaahh just like a boy.

Just Breathe

There is so much beauty in the world around us, so much joy and wonder. Even in the small things. We are in such a hurry, that we forget to stop and breathe. To take a moment to relax and experience life with all of our senses. Time is not on our side and one day very soon, you will look back and wonder when life passed you by. You will think about all the moments you truly felt alive and you will quietly wish that they had lasted longer. You will wish that that instead of rushing through life that you had maybe stopped and maybe grabbed on to those perfect moments, those chances you were given to experience life. So today I encourage you to live. To make today it’s best. Let no chance pass you by. Hold on to friendships, make time for your family, smile at strangers, laugh at your own jokes, and let the joy of the Lord take you over! But most importantly….Love. Love without passing judgment, love uncontrollably. Love always. Because is but a breath. Psalm 39:5

Beautiful Hearts Make Beautiful People

What is beauty?

I see this so often, woman and young girls struggling with self worth. I see 11 year old girls who look like they are 17?! There are constant reminders in the magazines we read, the shows we watch and the rejections we face that we must achieve physical perfection to get what we want and to be accepted, and to be LOVED by a man. We have accepted the lie that beauty is only skin deep. But I believe, beauty is something we feel, and see with our mind and our spirit, and it comes from the “Wellspring of life”….OUR HEARTS. Beauty is SO much more than the clothes we wear, or the way we look. It is more than physical perfection. Beauty starts on inside and reflects outward.  It’s the way we love, it’s the way we live. It’s GOD in us. When we realize that,and begin to work MORE on our hearts rather than our hair, then that is when we truly become beautiful from the inside out.  I know so many woman who radiate beauty, that people are memorized by,  and it’s not because they have perfect hair, huge boobs and a small waste. No. They are confident, kind, strong and gentle woman. That is beauty. That is what attracts people, the RIGHT kind of people.

I’m not perfect and I have to remind myself daily that the condition of my heart matters so much more than the condition of my hair. Think about it.   

Beautiful things don’t ask for attention


RUNNING MONTANA // the little red house by -the little red house- #flickstackr

This is happiness 



RUNNING MONTANA // the little red house by -the little red house- #flickstackr


This is happiness 


The silence is louder
than the engines of a train
It drenches my whole being
Like the early autumn rain

I try to dry it off
Try to run away
But I am swimming in a river
of every yesterday

My last hope is that the water
Erodes you from my heart
and the maker and I
won’t feel so far apart

Listen. Can you hear it? The music. I can hear it everywhere. In the wind… in the air… in the light. It’s all around us. All you have to do is open yourself up. All you have to do… is listen.

Sigh :))

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Straight on till morning


Straight on till morning

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“A free horse running is a beautiful sight.”

—    Shy Boy

All Star Superman

Lois: You can’t die. I know you’ll find a way out of this. Promise me you’ll find a way

Superman (last will and testament): As she spoke, I watched 35,000 dead skin cells scatter like confetti…like promises…like the dust of dead stars.

-All Star Superman